Work Stratification

• The assignment must be based on STRATIFICATION patterns at ‘your’ Workplace!! • The assignment- essentially a research project must address patterns of stratification at your place of work (current or former), your parents’, even your friends’ places of work. • In doing the assignment, you need to draw upon data management strategies, for example, pie and bar graphs. – Label the charts correctly. • The stratification patterns to be addressed relate to only the following: (a) Gender, and (b) Race-Ethnicity • What research method are you using? • Start off with an introduction of your workplace, how you intend to proceed with the assignment, and the research method/s you will use. -After your introduction, you proceed to the next logical step, which is to show how jobs are distributed at your workplace in terms of gender and race-ethnicity. What jobs are women doing? What jobs are racial-ethnic minorities doing? This is the time to use your pie and bar graphs. You decide how many graphs will allow you to make your point or case. This is the descriptive part which gives a visual representation of the people at your workplace. Be as brief as possible when you are working with graphs or charts- which must be integrated into your analysis and properly labeled. • The most important part, at least sociologically, is to explain and/or theorize on why jobs are distributed the way they are at your workplace. This is generally what we describe as the explanatory/theoretical task of sociology. In other words, why are women and racial-ethnic minorities concentrated in certain types of jobs? Why are management positions, for example, monopolized by certain groups (genders or races)? How can one explain the stratification patterns at your workplace? What can sociological language (concepts and theories- functionalism, conflict theory, feminism, and symbolic interaction) help a reader understand or make sense of what is going on at your workplace?