ENG 220

Create and Post the link to your website so your classmates and I can visit it freely.

  • Post the questions from your survey so your classmates can answer them after they’ve reviewed your work.

Revise and then publish the following items to your product’s website:

  • The product’s logo ( will be located in the attachments with the logo on the actual product )…product is a watch (similar to the Venmo watch for children)
  • Create and add an instruction manual for the watch  (manual should contain images that’ll help a first-time user to follow the instructions well. ( please see attachments)
  • Create and add a survey for your product. (classmates will take the survey)
  • * use the attachments as references to publish the items requested above.

Once you’ve finished your work on the website, write a 1-page reflective cover memo to your instructor that explains how this body of work demonstrates your mastery of core concepts that you learned in this technical writing class. Be very specific and link each main class concept (such as target audience or page layout) with a specific element in your website.

Be sure to include the website’s URL in the cover memo and double-check that all of its components are published and displaying correctly before submitting the memo for grading.

Set up your cover memo using this format:

To: [Add your instructor’s name here]From: [Add you name here]Date: [Add the date here]Subject: [Add your product’s name here]

Begin the main body here…

Submit the cover memo and the website’s URL as a MS Word / PDF document.