The Impact of Media:Effects of TV on Children

**All Referencing Must Be Cited. write a 7-10 page research paper utilizing the annotated bibliography attached and add any further research findings you have located besides the annotated bibliography. Prepare the research paper that responds to the following: * Evaluate the scope and extent of research that has been directed toward this topic. * Provide a detailed explanation that demonstrates a clear, extensive search of the literature. * How has research questions and foci changed over the years? * Compare and contrast any differences/contradictory, or inconclusive findings reported in the research. * Provide a clear, insightful explanation of the differences and using critical thinking present your best assessment of what is and is not known. * What is known and what is yet to be known? * Create a reasoned list of what further research that needs to be done on the topic. * Provide a detailed explanation of new or extended research that scholars seem to believe is still needed. *What else needs to be researched on the topic?