The Hunger Games.

Prior to completing this assignment please watch The Hunger Games. Look at the provided list above of character traits and select 5 that you feel apply to each of the main characters, Katniss and Peeta. Write a short paper that addresses the following: What characteristics and actions from the list are generally associated with boys and men in our society? What characteristics and traits are associated with girls and women? Do the character traits you chose for each character fit these expectations? Explain how gender attitudes change and progress as you watch the movie. What characteristics do Katniss or Peeta display before the reaping vs during the tv interviews vs in the games? Why do you think this changes? How do gender structures in major social institutions such as politics, education, and the economy shape the understanding or expectations of gender in this movie? How does this movie contribute to your understanding of gender as a construct as society? Papers should be no longer than 6 pages in length, must conform to APA style formatting. APA Links can be found in the Start Here Section.

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