Stigma surrounding major mental illness creates many barriers.

“Stigma surrounding major mental illness creates many barriers. People who experience mental illness face discrimination and prejudice when renting homes, applying for jobs, and accessing mental health services” (Overton, Medina 2008). In this article, the authors discuss stigma as it relates to mental illness. Stigma is defined using various theories that explain how individuals develop ideas about a group that they believe to be an “out group” (in this case– individuals with mental illness). The article discusses stigma and attitudes of mental health counselors who are new to the field and the importance of addressing stigma early in a professional’s career. In this Opinion Paper, start by defining stigma and mental illness. Make sure you demonstrate that you have read the material. Discuss at least one theory that describes how stigma is formed. Discuss how stigma effects individuals living with mental illness and give at least one example. paper should be between 2-3 pages in length in correct APA format.