Make sure you answer each question thoroughly. Use size 12 font and answer the first question in 1-3 double spaced pages, the second in 1-2. Remember Shakespeare said brevity is the soul of wit. I do not want fluff. I will not read any portion of any answer over the page lengths suggested, so answer in 1-3 and 1-2. The 1st question is worth 60pts while the 2nd is worth 40pts. Question #1: Analyze the social phenomenon of black Friday shopping frenzies from all three major sociological perspectives. Make sure you list how each perspective views these shopping frenzies. You could discuss possible causes or reasons why people partake in mass hysteria on black Friday, why it is viewed as a social issue, or how it effects society. The important factor is to express an understanding of how each theory interprets this topic as a social phenomenon. I want to see that you understand how to interpret the social world from a sociological perspective. The analysis and discussion from each perspective will be worth 20 pts each for a total possible of 60pts. Question #2: Clearly list each piece of the social problems model we discussed throughout the class. Apply the model to Black Friday Shopping frenzies, to explain why Black Friday shopping is or is not a social issue. There are four pieces to the model. You will get 10 points for correctly identifying and applying each piece, with an emphasis on the application, for a possible total of 40pts.