Proposal for Policy Change

1. Signature Assignment: Proposal for Policy Change (27 points) Purpose of this assignment: Your Proposal for Policy Change includes a description and analysis of a current education policy and a proposal for affecting positive educational change. This project provides an opportunity for you to examine the educational policy studied in the Neoliberal Reform project in terms of its impact in your school/school district. In this paper you will analyze that policy in terms of its impact on all stakeholders and on society as a whole in order to determine its effectiveness. You will contextualize the policy in the broader social context of the school/district/state/nation and will analyze it in terms of its effectiveness in meeting the educational goals of a democratic society. The focus of this paper is an analysis of the existing policy in terms of both neoliberal reform values and practices as well as in terms of democratic goals for schools. Your proposal for reforming the policy or implementing an alternative policy must be one that will positively affect change in education. Your proposal must be clearly developed to serve the Common Good. In addition, your proposal should be grounded in your personal philosophy, including your deeply held beliefs about the purpose of schooling in democratic society. Through this assignment, you will gain competence in the area of educational foundations generally and in educational policy in particular. You will practice inquiry, research and problem solving and through the development of a proposal for sound educational policy, you will gain confidence as a teacher leader. • As you work on the Neoliberal Reform project with your peer(s), identify a practice in your school or district that reflects the reform you are analyzing. • Using data from documents, observations and interviews describe the current policy as it is implemented in your school and/or district as well as its impact on teaching, learning and/or the educational system. • Use scholarly sources along with data gathered from observations, interviews and school/district documents to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the policy as it is currently implemented in your school or school district. Be sure to analyze the impact on all stakeholder groups and on society as a whole. (What does this policy/practice mean for the Common Good?) • Use at least 5 scholarly sources to develop a proposal for how your school/school district/state should reform the current policy (or adopt an alternative policy) in order to improve education for students and better meet the goals of schooling for democracy. • Your paper should demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic. Both your analysis of the policy and your policy proposal should be supported with references to scholarly reference sources. • Format: APA • Length: Approximately 7-10 pages. Papers must double-space. • You must turn in a hard copy of your paper copy during class. In addition, papers must be uploaded at our Bb Learn site. Proposal for Policy Change: Additional Comments: • A complete rubric for the assignment is included in the syllabus. (p. 10) • I expect this paper to be written at a graduate level. Your paper must be: o Clearly structured and organized. Be sure to introduce your topic clearly, explaining the purpose of the research that you undertook and how you have organized your paper. o Original work, going beyond a mere synthesis of what you have read to giving your own analysis of your findings. o In depth. Be sure to explain each section clearly, showing depth of understanding of the topic and the areas within your chosen area. Also, be sure to show how sections are related and necessary to one another and to the whole paper. o Free of grammatical and spelling errors. o Correct in the use of citations and references. You should include at least 5 different reference sources (most of which should be from professional literature in your area). • Analysis of the existing policy should reflect findings in scholarly literature and policy impacts various groups and society as a whole. In addition, your philosophical perspective – your beliefs about the purpose of education – has a substantial impact on how you analyze current school practices and influences the structures and practices you propose. As such, ways in which your personal philosophy influences your analysis of the policy should be clearly articulated.