methodology process

Description: At the end of the research methodology process, you will submit a write up of your fndings. (See below.) Put the entire Research Methodology write-up IN ONE WORD DOCUMENT and then upload it to Blackboard. Your ‘research question’ (see below) relates to the focus of this research project, which is to write a well-reasoned research paper that addresses one or several of the social and/or cultural and/or political issues raised in the writing of Junot Diaz. **Keep in mind, this assignment doesn’t ask you to write the research paper. This assignment is all about the research that you will eventually use to write a research paper. Brainstorm Session: (possible topics)_______________________________________ Research Question: _________________________________________________????? 1. Annotated Works Cited list in correct MLA format. The works cited list must include 10 to 14 sources that you read and analyzed. 2. Two Article Analysis write-ups: Use the two most helpful articles you found and take them through the source analysis process. You will be given the format for this part in class. 3. A 2-4 page summary that 1. states your research question and 2. gives a 1 page summary of how the research you conducted answered your research question. Junot Dias –