Human Nutrition

Please write a paper (2-3 pages double spaced typed on font size 10-12 pts) on any topic pertaining to Human Nutrition that we discussed in class. The paper should include and discuss the following: 1. Write your title of the paper based on the topic and write your name. (5pts) 2. Prior knowledge: (20 pts) a. What did you know/understand about the topic before taking this class? b. Were there any misconceptions about the topic? Please describe 3. Understanding from the Class: (20 Pts) a. What have you learned from this class or how has this class helped you enhance your knowledge/understanding about the topic? b. If there were any misconceptions how have they been removed/clarified. c. Were there some aspects of the topic that you still did not quite understand? 4. Knowledge from Research: (40 Pts) a. What have you gained from your research on the same topic. Elaborate on the topic by from research done on the subject. (Please seek help from college reference librarian) b. Were you able to find the right understanding on some of the aspects that remained unclear in section 3C. 5. Please cite your references in the text where appropriate and give a Bibliography at the end of the paper. (15 Pts) a. Make sure you use authentic resources. (Do not use Wikipedia or commercial websites. You can however, use websites that end in “edu” or “org” or “gov”.) b. Make sure you cite your references in the text and list the whole reference in the end under Bibliography. (Bibliography can be in any format, MLA, APA, Chicago etc.)