Hobbes & Locke

Compare and contrast Hobbes’s and Locke’s rationale for Man’s willingness to leave the state of nature and enter into the kind of social contract each presents. Please be specific. Keywords: human nature, state of nature, reason, natural law, natural rights, freedom, inconveniences, property, civil society, consent, security, and sovereignty. You are expected to demonstrate an understanding of the theorists and concepts. Your essay should be at least the equivalent of one double-spaced page and no more than two double-spaces pages. Your essay MUST contain parenthetical citations from sources provided. www.iep.utm.edu (Sections 5(a) (b) (c). 4 is optional) plato.stanford.edu (sections 2-9) www.gutenberg.org (second treatise of government) www.iep.utm.edu (section 2B) www.iep.utm.edu (Sections 6a, State of Nature, and 6e) plato.stanford.edu (section 4) www.iep.utm.edu (section 5)