Fourth or fifh amendment

You must have reviewed all of the material in this week’s folder. Clearly cite evidence from the textbook chapter (quotes and page #), lectures, and videos. This post should be substantive and 250 – 500 words. Create and subscribe to your own thread. The title should identify the Fourth or Fifth Amendement, whichever you chose to focus on to illustrate your points for the assigned questions. Focusing on whether society should emphasize the protection of society or the protection of individual rights, address these questions, keeping in mind the explanations of Justice O’Connor, the Constitution, and the experiences of Tyquan Brehon: Should the investigative and/or interrogation powers of the police be limited? Should illegally obtained evidence be admissible in court when it clearly relates to the guilt of the suspect? In other words, should an obviously guilty individual go free because of an error on the part of a police officer? Can consent to a search or interview ever be truly free and voluntary?