food support to senior citizens

This assigment consist of two parts. for this project you will research two senior nutrition programs that provide meals or food support to senior citizens as well analyze the effect of one of the programs by analyzing. the list of question will be provided A. part one: identify and research two agencies that provide meals or food for senior citizens. List of questions a) what is the mission/purpose of the program? b) what are the goals of the program? c) explain detail services the program provides d) who runs the program how is it funded? e) do elderly have to pay for any of the serviced. if so how much and how is the fee determined? f) will program benefit aging population g) was it challenging to research and program awesner the question above, would it be easy Part B: using the national institute of health database. www.nihgov locate acomunity research article that include one of the program you researched. Enter the name of senior nutrition program into the search engine to explore the data base based on the journal article describe the senior nutririon program and explain how it was implemented into the community example describe population, describe the goals and objective of the study based on the findings awenser the question a) what changes implementation would you suggest a nutrition program? b) briefly one paragraph descirbe how the changes you suggest will enhance the quality of nutrition of aging population you are able to search the web aswell. It has to be APA format thank you