Ethical Considerations

Ethical Considerations in Assessment

You have two things to do to prepare for this Discussion. First, read the transcript from Margaret Spellings, former U.S. Secretary of Education, in which she speaks about the role of assessment in schools.

Then read the article “5 Ways ESSA Impacts Standardized Testing” in the NCLB Era: How Test Predictability Affects Our Understanding of Student Performance.”

What is your position after listening to Dr. Spellings and reading recent research on the impact of legislation related to standardized testing? What changes do you think ESSA will have related to standardized testing?

It is not uncommon in this era of high-stakes accountability for administrators and other stakeholders to put pressure on teachers to prepare their students for the high-stakes accountability tests. Discuss possible ethical challenges faced by teachers in preparing for, administering, and interpreting high-stakes accountability assessments.Instructions here: