Egyptian history


During most of Egyptian history, dynastic change occurs when one group of Egyptians overthrows another group of Egyptians. Think back to the end of the First Intermediate Period, for example, when the Thebans (from Upper Egypt) overthrew the Herakleopolitans (from Middle or Lower Egypt). Sure, there are exceptions like the Hyksos during the Second Intermediate Period. For the most part, however, the first two millenia of ancient Egypt consist of Egyptians ruling Egypt. That all begins to change drastically during the Third Intermediate Period and Late Period when a vast array of ethnic groups that the pharaonic throne: Egyptians, Libyans, Nubians, Assyrians, and eventually the Greeks and Romans centuries later.

For this assignment, you’ll be reading the victory stelae of several different pharaohs – each from a different ethnicity. King Piye is Nubian, Esarhaddon is Assyrian, and Psamtik II and Nectanebo I are both Egyptian. For the first part of your essay, I’d like you to write 200+ words comparing and contrasting both the style and content of these victory stelae. What similarities do they have? What makes them different? Then, for the second part of the assignment, write 100+ words hypothesizing why you think those similarities or differences exist. Make sure to support your arguments with at least 3 references to the text.

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