Documented Essay

The topic: Should the US be responsible for assisting in dealing with the aftermath of said bombs and their effects on citizens and the environment or is this merely a fair act of war and thus owe nothing? Requirements: MLA format and at least 4 different sources What is this assignment? You will write a 1250-word minimum essay in which you will present multiple viewpoints on a specific topic and discuss the reasons that some people think one way and others think other ways. Rather than discovering who is “right,” your goal is to understand the issues that impact how people view this particular topic. Your audience for this paper will be an educated person who may not know a lot about your particular topic. You must use a minimum of four sources for your essay. If you use sources that we have not read as a class, you must provide those materials to your instructor. Failure to provide those materials will result in an automatic “Needs Work” on both the Substance and the Delivery portions of the rubric for this paper. You may not use a paper or portion of a paper that you have written for another course. What is the purpose of this assignment? This assignment helps you to achieve several objectives from the syllabus: constructing arguments that integrate logical, ethical, and emotional appeals; writing source papers analyzing a rhetorical situation and identifying and accurately documenting appropriate source material; and avoiding distracting or confusing sentence-level errors.