case management

Dear students, I will be posting information about your case management paper soon. Your discussion board post assignment for this week is to review some peer-reviewed research literature related to case management and select 3 potential topics (e.g., a specific population, social issue, phase of case management, etc.) that you might use for your paper. Discussion post is due Saturday, March 24 11:59 p.m 1) Open a thread in response to this post, 2) List 3 potential case management paper topics, 3) Provide a 2-3 sentence explanation of your interest in EACH topic and how it relates to what you know of case management so far, and 4) Attach a copy of a peer-reviewed research paper on case management and the topic you find MOST interesting. Please post the article in a Pdf and not in a link. Points will be deducted if you only post the link to the article.