a specific fundraising effort

Fundraising Article 2 You will find and read an article covering a specific fundraising effort (such as a campaign or event) that failed to meet the organization’s goals. You will briefly summarize the article, while addressing the following elements: •Identify and describe the organization •Comment on the economic conditions and/or environment facing the organization •Discuss the specific nature and outcome of the fundraising effort •Identify the most likely reason(s) for the failure of the effort In order to earn full points, you must address each element listed, while conveying an appropriate understanding of the topics covered in the text. Your response must demonstrate your command of the assigned material and ability to apply what you have learned within a specific fundraising context. You must cite sources according to APA formatting, with the article and text being included as required sources. There is no required length, but the average length is often between three and six pages of text in addition to front and back matter. Quality is more important than length