Mental patient and staff safety during restrain

Detailed components of graduation consist of the following:

1.      Connect to Purpose: Residents are to provide a few brief sentences explaining what led them to choose nursing as a profession.

2.      Virtual Poster: Follow template guidelines as viewed in the Power Point template as well as the attached QI Proposal guidelines. (You may also use Publisher to create your poster [using the same format] if you prefer this software rather than Power Point). Please include pictures as you are able.

·         Residents who have begun work or completed their poster project for presentation in person may take a picture and upload the photo to the site as evidence of their work.


A.      Project Details: Please provide a detailed overview of your project in a word or pdf document answering the following questions:


B.      Topic Selection

·         What is your problem that needs attention?

·         What made you choose this topic?

·         Why is this topic important?

·         What needs to be changed? 

·         Which Operational Excellence category does this topic address:  Quality & Safety, Consumer Experience, Teammate Engagement and/or Efficiency & Throughput?



C.     Evidence

·         What is the evidence supporting possible solutions? 

·         What is the evidence supporting your desired solution?

·         You must provide a minimum of two recent (<5 years old) articles from Nursing Journals that support your desired solution. DOI must be included.


D.    Solutions

·   What are possible solutions? 

·   What is the solution you chose?

·   How does the solution address the identified problem/change needed?

·   How would you implement the solution (resources needed, stakeholder involvement)?

·   Your solutions MUST come from the evidence!