Write an Essay focusing on Female Circumcision in Africa.

I want you to find an article about Female Circumcision in Africa then I want you to make a Review about it. The article has to be more that 5 pages long. Please read the Guideline. I want you to make every thing on the guideline. these are my professor guideline: Article Review 1. a. Read the entire article. b. Have a general understanding of the subject matter. 2. Include: a. The title of the article. b. The author of the article. c. where and when the article was written. d. Source of article (i,e. Identify the Magazine, book, newspaper, Internet source, etc). 3. Synopsis- the thrust of the article: what is it about? A brief summary. 4. Out the main points of the article. 5. Discuss and analyze these points in detail. 6. what have you learned from the article? what have you not learned? 7. what are the strength and weaknesses of the article?