Willard Christopher Smith.


Willard Christopher Smith commonly known to people as Will Smith is an American celebrity with a list of talents in the entertainment industry. Will is multi proficient in that he acts, produces as well as raps. He is one among many of the most eminent persons in the entertainment industry. Will’s faculty recognition goes back to the nineteen eighties when he earned fame through rapping. At that time, Will nicknamed himself as “the fresh prince” and by the year nineteen ninety, his fame had augmented tremendously. This was after starred in one of America’s television series known as “the fresh prince of Bel-Air”. The television series happens to have been on air for six consecutive years.

Will Smith’s birth place is West Philadelphia even though he grew up in the Northwestern part of Philadelphia. Will Smith was named after his father of whom they shared the same name. Will Smith’s musical career is traceable back to when he was an MC in collaboration with one of his old childhood friend. His path through the entertainment industry was not smooth with a number of challenges as he was still on transition. He had a number of tax issues back in the eighties that cost him a considerable sum of his assets (Iannucci p.11). Despite the challenges, Will seem not to back down from the career he picked. By signing a contract with the NBC in nineteen ninety, Will Smith had another chance at hand that he was to capitalize on to venture into his career.


Will Smith’s acting career debut was in the year nineteen ninety when he got the determination of becoming a world class actor. He then took an interest in developing a few characteristics from the successor in the box office sector. His determination earned him a key character in a drama movie in the year nineteen ninety three. With time, he had acquired enough skills that made him more popular. In due time, he played a main character in the movie Bad Boys where he acted alongside Martin Lawrence. This was the second movie that he debut besides NBC’s television series. The movie aired in the year nineteen ninety five earning him an international fame (Embacher p. 17). At this time was becoming fabulously famous gaining more fans in the entertainment industry.

Smith’s breakthrough premiered in the year nineteen ninety six after nomination to play as a main character in the movie Independence Day, which happened to be a colossal blockbuster of that very time. The movie made Will Smith a superstar in the film industry.  After being part of the movie independence day, he got another suggestion of playing a key role besides Tommy Lee Jones in the nineteen ninety seven preeminent summer movie, Men in Black. Will Smith put in extra potential with an ambition of becoming one of the best made him earn a spot (Feinstein p. 21). He had a sequence of appearance in several movies from the year nineteen ninety six to two the year two thousand.

Will Smith has a family of two children and a wife. Will Smith has two children, one male and the other female. His two children have ventured in the entertainment industry with one focusing on music and the other on both acting and music just the father. It seems right having the thought that Will is an inspiration to both his children as well as other kids who watch his movies. Besides his acting and singing career, Will Smith has been a director to lots of movies in the twenty first century (Iannucci p.11). This portrays Smith’s kind heartedness since he has the passion to share his knowledge and experience in acting to groom others.

Will Smith has won several awards in the past years most from the acting career. This earned him more fame with several movie producers who developed an interest in working with him. The fame has been out of hard work and extra efforts that he put in the line of his career. As a mentor, he portrays a picture of someone who has determination and an ambition to get somewhere (Doeden p.7). Through the hardships and difficult decision making moments that Will Smith has been making throughout his career, there is hardly one moment that he regrets making a certain decision. An example of one of the choices that Will Smith made that had a considerable influence regarding his career is when he was asked to play as the main character of the Matrix, which he turned that offer down and Letting Keanu Reeves take his place.

The Matrix being a vast blockbuster movie Will Smith had the chance making an ultimatum breakthrough in his career, but he chose to turn down the offer. Despite the big blow in his career, he goes ahead to acknowledge that Keanu Reeves played the part as Neo better than he could have. It might have been an opportunity of a lifetime lost, but, Will Smith does not regret turning down the offer but favors Keanu. Will’s profile does not rely on his acting skills alone, but also in other matters that relate to his day to day livelihood (Doeden p.7). He is a father to two children who show the other side of Will being a good, loving, caring father.

Will Smith wedded an actress back in the year nineteen ninety seven getting their first born child son in the year nineteen ninety eight. Will’s son debuts in one of the moving by Will Smith acting as his co-star. Later after having their second child, female, he featured her on one of his movies in the twenty first century. Will Smith has made good money earn him a position among some of the America’s top richest people. He was once among the richest people between their forties (Embacher p. 17). Will Smith took part in sponsoring campaigns by President Obama by contributing a large amount of money. In the twenty first century, Will Smith has been living a lavish lifestyle thanks to the efforts he put in his career.

Will Smith has won a number of awards and is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for having taken part in three different premiers in duration of one day. This earned Will Smith an international triumph as part of his career achievement. Will Smith is so much into science and technology that he has studied numerous religions with an inclusion of Scientology. The interests by Will Smith are evident even in the type of movies that he acts. Majority of the movies by Will Smith is on the basis of science fiction. They bring out an idea of some of the things that interest Will beyond acting (Feinstein p. 21). On several occasions, Will Smith has been heard making a statement that compliment Scientology in addition to other religions.

Will Smith has been part of a number of other activities such as charity where he has been funding charity homes. In the year two thousand and seven, Will Smith donated up to one million three hundred thousand US dollars to charity. The money distribution was to various places starting with two Christian organizations, Christianity associated schools as well as churches, a mosque in LA, and three other different scientology institutes. The money donated by Will Smith was to assist in the management of the institutions (Feinstein p. 21). The donation made by Will shows how much caring and considerate he is concerning matters of other peoples well being. Will Smith alongside his wife, Jada Pinkett established an elementary institution that is situated somewhere in California.


Besides acting, Will Smith has recorded a number of musical tracks that have sold tremendously being of many people’s liking. Will owns an organization together with his brother that he named it after his first born son, whose mother got divorced with Will back in the year nineteen ninety five. In total, Will Smith has three children; two are male while one is female. Will Smith is one among many celebrities who have been in the acting industry for more than two decades (Feinstein p. 21). He has had the opportunity to work alongside highly prominent directors in the movie industry. Besides acting, Will Smith has been working as a music artist, actor, as well as producer of quit a number of movies.







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