Why has marijuana become legal?

Cause and Effect essay:


Why has marijuana become legal?

Grabber – why is it important? (Show, don’t tell)
Lead to topic
Establish if you are talking about causes or effects
Thesis statement
Cause/Effect 1
Develop paragraphs fully
Use examples, details, anecdotes
Cause/Effect 2
Develop paragraphs fully
Use examples, details, anecdotes
Cause/Effect 3
Develop paragraphs fully
Use examples, details, anecdotes
Summary of paper

in addition i would also like an outline for the paper that has to be according to this model outline.

This is a model outline. Note the format (I, A, 12, a) and the fact that there are no full sentences except the thesis statement.

Model Outline


Mobile phones: cordless, pocket-sized devices that are used today by almost everyone

Just like a coin, use of mobile phones has both positive and negative sides

Mobile phones:

1. Helpful

2. Harmful

3. Neutral

4th order heading

5th order heading

D. Thesis statement: Depends on each individual mobile phones play helpful, hurtful or neutral roles in its user’s life.



1. Calls

a. Within a country

b. International

2. Messages

3. Emergency Situation

a. Police

b. Ambulance

B. Applications

1. Games

2. Camera

3. Information Storage

a. Examples

C. Internet Access

1. Media

a. Downloading, buying

b. Music, video

2. Social Networks

a. Examples

3. Information


A. Society

1. Children

2. Teenagers

3. Couples

B. Distraction

1. Kids

2. Students

a. Neglect information

b. Cheating

3. Drivers

a. Road accidents

C. Health

1. Vision

2. Sleep

3. Cancer risk


A. Education

1. Degradation

2. Access to knowledge

B. Society

1. Less real friends

2. International friends

C. Health

1. Diminish mobile use

2. Treatment methods


A. Use of mobile phones has positive, negative and neutral effects

B. Effect depends on each individual

C. Positively, negatively or indifferently mobile phones impact their users according to users’ actions