Which social groups are marginalized, excluded or silenced within the text?

Criterion A – Knowledge and understanding – 5 marks

The essay demonstrates an understanding of the works and knowledge of the contexts in which they were written. The student shows how context affects interpretations of the texts.

Criterion B – Response to the question – 5 marks

A Paper 2 essay should focus on the question chosen. The implications of the exam question need to be explored in depth, and the student’s response must be relevant to it.

Criterion C – Understanding of the use and effects of stylistic features – 5 marks

In the Paper 2 exam, a connection needs to be made between the author’s use of stylistic features and the effect of them on his or her audience. As Paper 2 questions invite students to explore how meaning is shaped by context, answers will have to explain why authors choose for a certain genre, narrative technique or structure.

Criterion D – Organization and development – 5 marks

The essay must develop an answer to the question coherently and effectively. Topic sentences should guide the ideas of paragraphs. Illustrations should be integrated well and explanations should shed light on the subject matter.