what unifies the universe?

Write a short paper reflecting on Newton’s question “what unifies the universe?” That reflects on Newton’s belief that something unifies the universe. Based on your prior experience – either in your scientific research, your religious knowledge, or in the material of this class – do you see the Universe unified by the commonality of matter, from planets to atoms to quantum particles? Or, do you think Kuhn’s concept of paradigm shifts in scientific knowledge means that any concept we have of the unity of the Universe (or not) is ultimately an idea that will be overturned in another generation or so?

Your response should be founded on specific content from the class, your reading, but also your personal experience in your analysis, you need to discuss how and why the elements you cite are evidence for or against the Universe being unified by matter or other forces (spiritual or physical) Your paper needs to include a thesis/argument, as well as supporting discussion. The content of your paper will form the substance of our class discussion on Newton’s questions.