What strategies can a teacher employ to increase parent involvement?

Based on the literature you have reviewed, come up with one “big idea” to help answer your research question. Sample research questions and big ideas are given below. Locate 2-3 primary source research articles related to your big idea. A primary research article is an article written by the researchers who describe their own study. Read your 2-3 articles and gather information about your big idea. Don’t simply list out the information, but rather begin to synthesize the information to use for your final literature review assignment. Synthesis and focusing on the key details here is critical.

Write a synthesis paper, using your big idea as a theme to answer your research question, with the literature as supporting evidence for that theme. Consider these questions as you write.

What ideas/ findings of the study help answer your research question and support your big idea?
How is the study important to helping you answer your research question?
How do the study participants compare from study to study?
How do the findings of each study compare and contrast with each other?
What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of these studies?

Sample Action Research Question
Question: What strategies can a teacher employ to increase parent involvement?
Big Idea: Communication
MY ACTUAL RESEARCH QUESTION IS : Will the use of modeled conversations improve articulation skills of preschoolers age 3 thru 5?
Use the template to help you with this assignment. Please note: this assignment is designed to be a smaller start on the larger work that you will submit in Saturday’s literature review assignment. As such, the time and effort put into this paper will give you a solid start on the draft for Saturday’s paper. You will see that the templates for these two assignments are very similar so that you can use one to build to the next.