Was the mexican war an exercise in american imperialism? Explain.

TAKING SIDESAMERICAN HISTORY COLONIZATION TO 1877 by MARK HICKERSONISSUE 12 WAS THE MEXICAN WAR AN EXCERCISE IN AMERICAN IMPERIALISM? 1. clear thesis- 1st paragraph (your point/ position on the issue) + some background 2. mimimum of 5 pgs, typed in 10/12 font, double spaced3. minimum of 5 citations from each T/S author (10 citations with ”balance”)4. endnotes are not part of the 5 page minimum essay 5. margins of more than 1” on all 4 sides 6. basis of citing (3 conditions) :          a) quoting a source         b) not ”common knowledge”          c) paraphrasing the auhtor/ work 7. use ”chicago style” citing formate- with a superscribted number at the end of your quote, paraphrase or reference^28. citations must be from the book 9. endnotes on the last page DUE MONDAY: DECEMBER  5, 2016 @ 4PM PACIFIC TIME PLEASE