Project description
Write a 700- to 12,050-word essay (not counting title or reference page material. My topic is above. i will send attachments. to help write the essay.

attached is a statement from my previous writer please open if you like on my previous orders you can see my other attachments

University of Phoenix Material

Academic Essay Instructions

This assignment is due in Week 7.

Write a 700- to 12,050-word essay (not counting title or reference page material) about a topic of your choice or one of the following recommended topics. Incorporate at least two sources from University Library databases.

The essay must contain the following:

•    APA title page
•    An introductory paragraph
•    Two to four main body paragraphs
•    A conclusion paragraph
•    At least one direct quote of fewer than 30 words
•    At least one paraphrased source
•    APA reference page including at least two sources
The essay should be composed of no more than 10% directly quoted material, and no more than 20% summarized or paraphrased material. Submit the essay, along with a copy of the Turnitin® report and a copy of the WritePointsm report for the submitted essay.

Topic Recommendations

You can write about any topic that you want (approval required by the professor); however, if you cannot think of anything, here are a few suggestions for you:

•    A political or social issue that is important to you
•    A current event (excluding topics such as gun control, abortion, and marriage equality)
•    Necessary skills for successful college study
•    A person (current or historic) you admire and why
•    A book or movie you think others should see or read and that they would enjoy
•    Another topic as approved by your instructor