Topic: make a new criminal law

Topic: make a new criminal law

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STEP 1: Start a new thread for your law
Give your law a title in the subject line and describe your law.
1) what actions the law is prohibiting
2) why your law is necessary-what makes it important
3) what punishment or sanction there will be for breaking the law
4) anything else that may persuade the reader to agree with your legislation

Step 2:
Comment on those two posts;

1. Cyber bullying has become a huge problem among today’s youth. Every year social media becomes more and more prominent; our social sites are a big part of our everyday lives. I think there

should be consequences for people who continuously bully others on the internet. Cyber bullying has become such a problem that children and even some adults are taking their own lives

because of things that are being said about them on the internet. Anyone, anywhere can see what is being posted on the internet. I propose that when someone sees something inappropriate

they should report it. The individuals in the wrong should first be fined a minimum of $250 for their first offense, community service for the second, and possibly jail time for the third. This may

be a problem because of out freedom of speech, but I think that vulgar out right bullying of others on social sites is unnecessary. It’s one thing to give your opinion and another to repeatedly

bully someone.

2. I am proposing a law that would regulate the number of children a family can have based on their annual income. CNN money states that for a middle income family to raise a child to the age

of 18 it would about 250,000$ . That covers everything of necessity. My law would be beneficial on multiple fronts, and it would slow down our fast growing population and benefit the economy.

The law would be carried out by monitoring families’ incomes. Having two children would cost you about 28,000$ a year. Therefore, a family that makes about 60,000$ a year could afford two

children. If you have a third child, you would be asked to find a new job to accommodate that child before the birth or there would be a reduction in tax returns, considering the more children

you have the more money you get back in tax returns. If you continued to have children you could not afford it, the children would be placed in a program for adopting parents that can afford

them.This program seems very harsh but hopefully that alone would deter families from having the child alone.This law would also benefit families on welfare, and welfare families would be

allowed to have one child and if this law is broken you would lose your right to withdraw welfare.