Theory of Creativity Analysis and Application to SONY

This paper will be based on the seminar “Creativity is not key to the next generation of ‘real advance’” by Brownlie (1998). You will act as a Sony Representative in this seminar (not real seminar). The seminar will consist of two part, the first one is to provide brief summary of creativity related to this statement made by Brownlie (1998) : ‘managerial creativity can be seen as an act of theory construction’. The second one is to consider the implications of ‘creativity is not key to the next generation of ‘real advances’ for organisation.

The essay will be focuses on 2 task.

Task 1 : EVALUATION of creativity theory related to the ‘quote’. Not a narrative description or compilation of summary of the theory. It is an assessment of the ‘quote’ based of at least 3 different creativity theory (more is better). Balanced assessment (agreement with the points made and disagreement)

Task 2 : APPLICATION of the workshop theme to the organisation (SONY company) Explain how the workshop has relevance to the organisation in terms of what it helps/could help the organisation to achieve (as well as what is does not) i.e the benefits/advantages (as well as the limitations/disadvantages)

Task 1 will helped to understand some of the issues that COULD be discussed in the conference

Task 2 you are asked to indicate how these issues could/could not have any impact

Score :
Task 1 (concise but robust evaluation) 40%
Task 2 (solid application to a well-defined context) 40%
structure and format of management report 10 %
presentation and style 10%

Need to have critical evaluation and assessment to the theory using at least 3 different theories

Expected to be based on very thorough secondary data collection (use of primarily academic, but also some non academic sources)

should avoid DETAILED ANALYSIS of the organisation and the market the company operates in. Take the topic and apply it to the company. The key is to provide a balanced, objective and thorough examination of the creativity (concept/idea/theme) to the specific organisation. Need to provide overview of the company (SONY), but not a detailed analysis.