The Stages of The Writing Process

The Stages of The Writing Process


(1) handout given in class: Excerpt from Rhetoric and Composition_The Stages of The Writing Process (also posted in folder Contents)

(2) Singh-Corcoran, N. (2011) Composition as a Write of Passage at–composition-as-a-write.pdf

Write: based on the second reading, write a 300-word reading reflection responding to the following prompts.

(1) Identify the author’s main arguments.

(2) From the reading, list and comment on the skills and strategies that can be learned in a writing course, and whether they are transferable to other situations and environments. As you do this, cite some of the author’s examples and illustrations of those skills and strategies. Quote or paraphrase some of the author’s passages (maximum three) and cite them.

(3) Finaly, reflect on whether you agree or disagree with the author’s arguments and why.