The Individual Report NVP

3 The Individual Report NVP
Programme Members are also asked to prepare a 4000 word
individual report for the NVP. It
covers two issues:
(a) An evaluation of the proposed venture?s viability in a non-UK
marketplace (30% of the allocated marks)
(b) An evaluation of subject learning across each subject: (30% of the
allocated marks)
Please note:In this part of the assessment, reports need to
provide clear evidence of integration across the four subject areas. In
other words, the individual report needs to show very clearly the
contribution of each subject area to the outcome of the analysis ? and
how insights derived from the analysis for each subject area have been
integrated to arrive at the final concluding proposal concerning the new
venture opportunity.
(a) An evaluation of the proposed venture?s viability in a non- UK
marketplace (2000 words)
Each team member should choose a different (viable) country as a
potential marketplace and conduct the following individual assessment;
??Compelling evidence in support of the strategic rationale for the
venture?s viability in the selected country
??Analysis of the main macro economic, political, social or
technological aspects that will need to be considered in the selected
An outline assessment of the market potential and the factors
influencing it
??Analysis of the main entry barriers and risks
??Analysis of the need to adapt products and services to locally
market conditions
??Suggested sequencing for international expansion
??Valuation using the discounted free cash flow method.
(b) An evaluation of the subject-related learning for Strategic Direction, Strategic Marketing, Corporate Finance and Governance,
Global Business Environment: (2000 words)
Each programme member must provide an evaluation that summarises the
most important subject-based learning as a result of the group project in
GBE, CFG, SD & SM and also an evaluation of the integration between
each subject. Each subject should be covered equally in terms of the word
count (i.e. circa 500 words) and should address;
??A critical reflection on the rationale for the approach adopted for the
identification, evaluation and derivation of the strategy for the new
venture opportunity
??A critical assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the most
pertinent theories, models and approaches for each subject that
were important during the project overall.
A general appraisal of the connections & contrasts that can be
made between these subjects in Stage 2 of the MBA
??A reflection on what one might do differently in future as a result of
the learning achieved in this assignment

Similiar project of 11000 words will be sent.Just try to replicate that in view with the guidelines.

Added info:
If I failed to mention earlier,this work would be looking at India as a Market,as the attached report looked at Japan.So for Global business environment,we should look at India’s tourism industry patterns,the proposed tourism company viability,how we plan to strategise it,who are our target market,our placing,segmentation.And for Corporate finance,seed capital needed,DCF evaluation and projected revenue and espenses.Corporate governance will have the framework required to strengthen the governance of the company.

The guidelines attached have very specific requirement and kindly follow that word by word.The attached work will help you to envisage how to structure and pick theories and models for each relevant subsection.