The Fourteenth Amendment, FAPE, and Immigration

Paper title: The Fourteenth Amendment, FAPE, and Immigration

Academic level:  College

Pages: 3

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Subject: Education

Formatting style: MLA

Type: Research paper

Details:  Assignment: Write a two-to-three page paper that explores the application of the Fourteenth Amendment to children living in the United States illegally and/or whether or not FAPE applies (should apply) to undocumented immigrants or U. S. born children of undocumented immigrants. Does whether or not the family pays state and federal taxes have any bearing? Your paper may be informative or opinion. While it is important for you to understand, the paper’s emphasis should NOT be on children who are dangerous to themselves or others. Ensure that your paper includes internal references to support specific points and a bibliography that is not included in the two page length requirement. *please see attached rubric. Number of sources is just a guiding point. Use as many needed to complete rubric guidelines. It would be great if the immigration raid of Agricprocessors in Postville Iowa could somehow be tied into the paper. Please do one of the following: two page paper with the 3rd page being a bibliography page or 3 page paper with no cover page and a bibliography page to replace the cover page