The first casualty of war is innocence

The first casualty of war is innocence
The beginning of the essay should be a strong inspirational and motivational quote involing the title and moral of the story.

STEP ONE: WHERE – describe the place where the story happens. Sentence 1 & 2 & 3 describe whether & sights, 4 & 5 sounds & smells. This part of the story is very loud and is set in the trenches of the frontline of the war.
STEP TWO: WHO – introduce/describe the characters. Describe what you did/saw/heard/smelt. Then Following onto the powerful imagery and the horrors effecting families and soldiers both outside the war and on the frontlines.

STEP THREE: WHAT happens between these two characters? Usually one character wants something and tries to get it but something goes wrong. This is revealed here through dialogue.
STEP FOUR: FLASHBACK –This part of the story is also very loud with machine guns firing and bullets wizzing through the air when all of a sudden a close by grenade explosion causes the story to come to an eerie silence and then the sounds of wounded men dying and screaming comes into play following a memory from before this story began.
STEP FIVE: RETURN TO THE STORY – what happens next? Focus on the thoughts and feelings of the main character.
STEP SIX: FINISH WITH A TWIST- The ending of the story should contain a good climax for a mind-bending twist. This twist will occur in the very last sentence. Keep a vital piece of information from your reader and then reveal this in the very last few words of your story. Make it something that will have your reader kicking themselves because they didn’t realize it sooner. Make it something that your reader could possibly guess. Drop subtle hints through the course of the story so your reader doesn’t feel cheated at the end. Don’t make it something which would be impossible to guess. It should involve the following: Love, Happiness, The Future, Peace and the irony of the war itself.