The Effect of Mental Imagery on the Physical Performance of Dancers.

The research paper is broken down into 3 parts. I am in need of some assistance on the 2nd part which is the Literature Review part. Here is the info:
Review of the Literature
The review of literature continues the investigation into the chosen topic. The literature review is not a term paper, and will require a significantly different approach. Students will conduct a manual or computer search for at least ten research articles(preferably no more than 10 years old) pertaining to the topic of study. These articles should be integrated into a comprehensive review, emphasizing how the methods used influenced the results obtained. A necessary component of this section is a table or chart which summarizes the important findings of the review. The lit reviews is broken down into 4 sections:
1. The introduction
In this section you will restate, but not repeat, the research problem, define important terms and concepts, and provide a framework for the rest of the paper. You may arrange the research articles in a theoretical or methodological approach.
2. The Justification
This section describes the search procedures used to locate the studies, the reasons for limiting the studies to those under consideration, and and explains any other limits that the reviewer imposes. For my particular research I have limited it to age, years of experience, and how often imagery is used.
3. The review of the individual studies
Organize the studies based on the framework you described in the introduction. In this section you provide the critical information about each study that is required to understand why it is being reviewed. In this section you synthesize the results of the studies, grouping, comparing and contrasting designs and results. Do not address summaries one by one using a summary approach.
4. Cross-study information or conclusions
In this section, you provide a brief summary statement about the problem and your collection of research. This section should include your summary chart. Create a visual representation of how the components of the study (sample design, date collection) yielded the results by looking for patterns and relationships. Conclude with brief section of recommendations for further research.
Here is what needs to be included in the table:
Study Age Years of Experience How often imagery is used