The American Experience

The American Experience

HIST341 –

Dr. Kyle Riismandel

Assignment 1

Part 2 Instructions

Choose one of the following:

Song Review – 500 Words- 30%

Choose one song from either the Bronx Hip-Hop playlist or Hardcore Punk playlist, except those assigned above, and explain its historical significance—what it tells us about its time and place–making specific reference to lyrics, music, and tone to support your argument.

After reading your review, the reader should understand how and why your particular song is crucial to understanding the space and people of the South Bronx or California Suburbs in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


Artistic Interpretation – 30%

If you choose this assignment, you must create a single page of full color art that reflects the themes of either South Bronx Hip-Hop or Hardcore California Punk. For the South Bronx, your artwork should be done in the style of a graffiti writer such as in the following examples:

NYC subway graffiti:

For Hardcore Punk, your artwork should be done in the style of zines and flyers promoting hardcore shows.

For reference, please see these websites:

Hardcore punk flyers and zines: – Focus on the flyers from the 1980s

Your artwork should communicate one idea or message about South Bronx Hip-Hop or LA hardcore punk in the late 1970s and early 80s. So, your artwork will be based on the playlists, videos, readings, and lectures demonstrating that you not only understand South Bronx Hip-Hop or LA hardcore, but you can effectively communicate about one of its major themes or ideas.