Tell a story about your own team’s unique experiences. Discuss how you applied course work to your group’s specific situation. What behavior occurred?

Motivation: Team Analysis Paper
Your team analysis paper is due on December 6. It examines the development and status of your project team as a group, especially addressing factors contributing to task performance and satisfaction of members. Re-examine the team formation exercise and trace the development of your group as it matures as a team. (The team?s previously submitted written assignments will serve as attachments.) Tell a story about your own team?s unique experiences. Discuss how you applied course work to your group?s specific situation. What behavior occurred? Was the behavior helpful in contributing to task performance and member satisfaction? What were the consequences of the behavior? Was the behavior as effective as possible? What behavior would have been even more effective?
A recommended approach is to have each member write 3-4 double-spaced pages about particular topics from his/her perspective. Then one member of the team can combine the contributions to create a smooth-flowing paper. Remember to leave enough time for the team to proofread the final version.
Here are some topics to draw from in formulating your analysis (you don?t need to address them all):
? Active listening
? Attitudes and values
? Citizenship behavior
? Communication process, overcoming barriers
? Counterproductive behavior
? Dealing with power and politics
? Decision-making processes
? Development of management skills
? Distribution of tasks
? Handling stress
? Job performance
? Job satisfaction
? Leadership ? Learning
? Managing change, conflict, and negotiation
? Managing emotions, emotional intelligence
? Managing group norms and cohesiveness
? Managing perceptions and judgments of others
? Maintaining trust, justice, and ethics
? ((((((Motivation)))))))
? Organizational commitment
? Organizational culture
? Personality attributes
? Problem-solving strategies
? Team roles
Your Team is a ?live case.? Observe it well, and demonstrate a grasp of course concepts. Team analysis paper grades will be based on the following criteria:
1. Scope (thoroughness): Include several rather than few dimensions (variables) and the impact of many events, personal behaviors, and characteristics.
2. Richness of observation: Move beyond description to analysis of events indicating awareness and attentiveness to interactions among team members.
3. Analysis: Discuss multiple and subtle causes of events, consequences.
4. Conceptual understanding: Use and grasp course concepts; properly label events; show how the theories really work.
5. Flow: Examine the evolution of your team.
6. Writing: Write with coherence, clarity, style, and grace.
7. Personal learning: Indicate increased self-awareness, enhanced group skills, and integration of experiences.
And the topic that i presented was about how to Train team members to help establish specific, challenging, and accepted team goals.
And I’m assigned to write about one topic from the above that were assigned by the professor, which is Motivation.