Subject “Organisational Behaviour and Design” under Accouting

Paper title: Subject “Organisational Behaviour and Design” under Accouting

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Subject:  “Organisational Behaviour and Design” under Accounting degree

Formatting style: Harvard

Type: Essay

Details:   First, I would like to mention that this subject is “Organisational Behaviour and Design” for the degree program of Accounting. Essay required 2000words, and format will be question by question (1,2,3,4,5), answers must be first definition and then relate to question. As we are using (in Melbourne Australia) Organisational Behaviour book (sixth edition of Robbins, Judge, Millett, Boyle) please apply according to this book. Some of the key words, power struggle, entrepreneur relation, power coalition, political behaviour (legitimate and illegitimate), power bases (authority), trust, leadership styles(virtual, team).