Service Marketing Custom Essay

British Airways Aviation industry is a pillar in the UK economy. It involves over 235million passengers annually and a freight of over 2.3 million tonnes. The UK air transport industry serves UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Being a major entry point in the Continent of Europe, the UK aviation industry is large and equally competitive. There has been a continuous growth in the industry for the past two decades. The forecasted demand of the air transport in UK is 465 million in 2030 from the present 236million. The Heathrow and London Gatwick airports are among the busiest airports of the world. The UK airline industry is composed of over 40 airlines. The major airlines in the UK aviation industry are the British Airways, EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic airways which account for nearly half of the 127 million passengers who travel in the UK airlines. Other major key players in the UK aviation industry includes the Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest airlines, America Airlines, Us airways and Continental Airlines of US. Others include Air France and Lufthansa Airlines. These are major world competitors and put the aviation market in UK very competitive. EasyJet and British Airways are the major UK based airlines. British Airways is the largest of the Key players in UK in terms of capacity. Then Virgin Atlantic airways come second and Easy Jet follows.