Sensation and Perception Paper Custom Essay

How the body is able to sense things through the specific body part associated with sight (ex. hands, ears, tongue, and nose) Different senses have different sense cells such as the rods and cones cells in the retina for sight, the hair cells found in the ear for hearing, the olfactory sensory neurons to smell, taste buds in the tongue and different types of nerve endings on the skin for touch (Shephered, 2007). Perception involves analysis and processing the information received through the senses. Experiences allow people to learn from occurrences and form reality of occurrences in the surroundings (Rosenblum, 2013). The level of sensory perception for all senses develops with age and maturity and thus reaches the highest capacity in the teenage years and in the twenties. This is because sensory perception is mainly sharpened through years of training the sensory cells, experience as well as through development of memory (Society for Nueroscience, 2003).