Scenario Evaluation Custom Essay

INTRODUCTION In the past children were often viewed as small versions of adults and this led to much of their childhood development phases to be ignored throughout much history (Davies 2011). Focus was not directed towards children’s language usage, cognitive abilities as well as physical growth. However in the recent past most psychologists and researchers have began focusing on childhood development as by understanding childhood development allows them to understand physical, cognitive, social, educational and emotional growth that these children experience in the course of their growing up (Anderson, Cruz & Popper 2000). A few major theories regarding the development of children have also been developed by theorists such as Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, B. F. Skinner, Ivan Pavlov and Erik Erikson (Waldegrave & Waldegrave 2009). According to childhood development experts there are three main developmental stages involved in one’s life that is early childhood development, middle childhood development and late childhood development.