Sample Thesis Statements: What They Contain

You are working on your thesis and you need a thesis statement that will make you stand out. You opt for sample thesis statements that are found online. Instead of scrolling through tons and tons of such statements, let me give you an idea of what they have in common.

A thesis statement is the central theme in your paper. It clarifies the main idea, the purpose of writing and focus of the whole write up. The statement has to be declarative and concise. Sample thesis statements should tie together interpretations of significant patterns in whatever topic you choose.

You can get sample thesis statements online or in some books like The Magic Sample Thesis. Make a note to adapt the samples you get. Whoever marks your research paper thesis wants originality in what you come up with. Plagiarism is an abomination in academic circles and you don’t want to end up with a bad reputation.

The point being made here is that being flexible works to your advantage. Do not restrict yourself to a formula. Your work should elaborate on the most important theme in your work. It should be thought-provoking.

All in all, follow the following guideline when selecting sample thesis statements:

  • Does it exactly state what you want to prove? Remember, it is an interpretation and not an absolute subject. A subject could be effects of TV on children. A thesis statement could be TV watching is harmful to children. That is what you believe.
  • Is it singular? That is to mean, does it address a specific point or it just wonders around, leaving the reader confused? If you are looking at the effects of TV on children, do not mention internet harm unless as a backgrounder that is relevant. Among the sample thesis statements, choose the one that has more focus.
  • Is it specific? All the information in the introduction is summarized at the end by a thesis statement.

These three factors are essential in any thesis statement.

In a research paper, the statement will most probably be based on the hypothesis. In an essay however, a ‘working’ statement can suffice. It can change as the essay develops. More information may change somebody’s earlier belief.

Argumentative essays for example may change as the different positions are reviewed. The scientific process is all about confirming hypotheses and is therefore understandable.

Sample thesis statements should give you room to work with them. All your work is based on the thesis statement. Go through your work and ensure that the sample statements relate to research done.

Remember to have fun as you sort through your sample thesis statements. Let your statement have life as it keeps the reader interested in the rest of your work. Refine the language you use as you go on. Finally, do not have grammatical and spelling errors on a statement that declares your belief. Your readers, professors in case you are working on your masters, will judge you as a careless person, and with good reason.