Roberta case

Case Study ?

Roberta Roberta is in her mid-20s and has been an active cocaine user for the past six years. She began using while in high school. She eventually dropped out of school and worked in a variety of low-paying jobs to help support her addiction. In an effort to contain her habit, she has enrolled in several outpatient treatment programs over the last two years, but she has never completed a course of treatment. She has been in several short-term relationships and is currently living with Martin, who regularly deals drugs for his income. A few months ago, Roberta found out that she is pregnant, and she plans to have the child. Her physician has strongly counseled her about the dangers of drug use while pregnant. This time, she feels determined to stop and requests a referral to a treatment center. She is on time for her appointment and is neatly dressed, though agitated. She reports having no health insurance through her employer. She is worried that she will not be able to complete treatment as before but claims the stakes are too high this time not to complete treatment. Martin calls her several times on her cell phone during the interview. Each time she speaks with him, she becomes more agitated. Assume you are working in a central substance abuse treatment intake unit in a to-be-determined area of the country and are working within the traditional AA model of treatment. 1. Based on the stages of change model, in what stage of recovery would you place Roberta? ? What are Roberta’s most immediate treatment needs? ? What are some of her biggest obstacles to completing treatment? ? Consider comorbid diagnosis…….



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