Rio Tinto Case

Rio Tinto Case
The issues you are required to address in this essay are as follows:
1. What are the stakeholders involved in this case and their role in the Indigenous employment program of Rio Tinto?
2. How does addressing employment and educational opportunities and outcomes of the Indigenous community impact on the company’ strategic objectives?
3. How does the Human Resources (HR) functions contribute to the implementation of the Indigenous Employment Program and the company’s overall success?
4. What are the key HR and other strategic challenges involved in the case?
You are not required to structure your essay as the order suggested above, as long as your essay addresses ALL of the above issues.
It is important to keep in mind that your essay needs to be well structured and coherent such that it enables you to clearly communicate your insightful and critical thinking. Your essay will be assessed primarily on its ability to recognise, analyse and discuss the key issues, theories and practices relevant in the case study as well as the inter-linkages. Please see these specific criteria and other criteria.