Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) / RACI



Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) / RACI


Resources     Xyz Xyz Xyz Xyz Scott Brewer ERP Inc. Staff City Officials City Purchasing Department Installation Contractor City Employees First Responders Volunteers Hospital Personnel WBS Task Name 1.1.1 Hold Kickoff Meeting A R R R R Identify Project Risks A R Rank Project Risks (Likelihood/Impact) A R Identify Threats R A R Rank Threats (Likelihood/Impact) R A R Outline preventative measures for each risk A R RISK ANALYSIS MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.1.3 Identify Assumptions A R 1.1.4 Identify Critical Success Factors R A R 1.1.5 Complete Project Charter A R R R R C 1.1.6 Obtain Client Approval for Project Charter A R R 1.1.7 ANALYSIS MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.2.1 Identify all Potential Disasters A R 1.2.2 Rank Threat of Disasters (Likelihood/Impact) A R 1.2.3 Identify Disaster Scenarios to be included A R 1.2.4 Develop Proposed Scope A R 1.2.5 Obtain Client Approval for Scope A R R 1.2.6 ERP SCOPE MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.3.1 Analyze the Current Response Plan A R 1.3.2 Research Similar Cities and their Response Plans R A R 1.3.3 Research Decontamination of Buildings A R 1.3.4 Provide High-Level Recommendations for a Revised ERP A R 1.3.5 Build Contingency Plans A R 1.3.6 Complete ERP Recommendations A R R R R C 1.3.7 Obtain Client Approval for ERP Recommendation A R R Research Warning System Options & Vendors A R Design Warning System/Signals Upgrade A R Obtain Client Approval for Warning System/Signals Plan A R R Purchase Warning System/Signals Equipment R R C R Install Warning System/Signals Equipment A R Test Warning System/Signals Equipment A R R 1.4.3 WARNING SYSTEM UPGRADE MILESTONE I I I I I I Research 911 System Options & Vendors A R Design 911 System Upgrade A R Obtain Client Approval for 911 Systems Plan A R R Develop 911 System Software A R Purchase 911 System Equipment R R C R Install 911 System Equipment A R Install 911 System Software A R Test 911 System A R R 1.5.3 911 SYSTEM UPGRADE MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.6.1 Define criteria for an emergency shelter A R 1.6.2 Identify Potential Shelters A R 1.6.3 EMERGENCY SHELTERS MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.7.1 Identify Emergency Supply Storage Locations A R 1.7.2 Research Food Safety (Homeland Security) A R 1.7.3 Develop Emergency Supply Lists A R 1.7.4 EMERGENCY SUPPLY PLAN MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.8.1 Develop Administration Plan for ERP A R R R R 1.8.2 ERP ADMINISTRATIVE PLAN MILESTONE 1.9.1 Develop Public Announcement R A R 1.9.2 Develop Emergency Website A R I 1.9.3 Develop Communication Strategy A R 1.9.4 Test Communication Strategy A R 1.9.5 COMMUNICATION PLAN MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.10.1 Develop Community Plan A R 1.10.2 Assemble Volunteer Planning Committee A R 1.10.3 Assess Function/Operation of Community Plan A 1.10.4 COMMUNITY PLAN MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.11.1 Create Workflow Drawing w Response to each Major Hazards Type A R 1.11.2 Create Specs/Drawings w Response for each Implementation Type A R 1.11.3 Develop List of items to be Provided by the City for Implementation A R 1.11.4 Develop List of items to be Provided by this company for Implementation A R 1.11.5 Document Administration Plan for ERP A R 1.11.6 Develop Response Checklists A R R 1.11.7 DOCUMENTATION MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.12.1 Obtain Client Approval of Complete ERP A R R 1.12.2 COMPLETED ERP APPROVAL MILESTONE I I I I I I Develop Criteria A R Develop Curriculum A R Identify Those To Receive Training A R R Obtain Client Approval for Training Plan R A R Schedule Training A R Train Public Officials and City Employees A R R R Train Volunteers A R R R 1.13.3 TRAINING MILESTONE I I I I I I Define Scope of Simulation A R Select Simulation Site A R Develop Simulation Scenario A R Obtain Client Approval for Simulation Plan R A R Run Simulation A R R R R R R R R R R Evaluate Simulation & Identify Issues A R R R R R R R R R Document Feedback A R Update Emergency Response Plan A R R R R 1.14.3 SIMULATION MILESTONE I I I I I I 1.15.1 Hand-over Project to City R R 1.15.2 PROJECT COMPLETION MILESTONE I I I I I I


Unscheduled Events for Revision of cost and entered into WBS

The purpose of the Unexpected Event and Added Work is to gauge your team’s ability to re-plan a project that has already been started. You are NOT expected to perform “miracles” in recovering the project: you are to make your adjustments as realistic as possible, accurately reflecting the impact on cost and schedule and producing a solution that will meet the original requirements of the project, recover from the setbacks imposed by the Unexpected Event, and augment the original project tasks with those required to perform the requested Added Work.

The UE/AW have been only briefly sketched and may make minor modifications to ensure that both have an impact on the project sufficient to require adjustments to the original cost/schedule.

The unexpected event is the first level of your main place of business has been hit by a major flood. During the chaos of the flood, various high-dollar items were stolen. The flood waters came up 4 feet, so many things were also ruined. The added work will consist of cleaning up the mess and keeping the continuity of business flowing with minimal impact to your project. In addition, you will need to work with the police & insurance to handle the stolen items. Please react to this in the appropriate deliverables.
The Copy of Wbs

WBS Task Name Resource Names Cost 1 Mobile Breast Cancer Vehicle $3,229,040.00 1.1    Planning & Design $10,480.00 1.1.1      Project Team Formation City Staff,Core Team Staff $10,080.00 1.1.2      Meeting with Dr. Jose Alveras & the City of Wilmington Health Officials City Staff,Nathaniel $400.00 1.2    Project Charter $7,040.00 1.2.1      Drafting of Charter Core Team Staff $6,720.00 1.2.2      Project Charter Submission Alecian $320.00 1.2.3      Project Charter Approval City Staff $0.00 1.2.4      CHARTER MILESTONE $0.00 1.3    Define Scope $2,000.00 1.3.1      Develop Proposed Scope Lydia $1,600.00 1.3.2      Project Scope Approval City Staff, Nathaniel $400.00 1.3.3      SCOPE MILESTONE $0.00 1.4    Project Risk Management Plan $7,100.00 1.4.1      Analyze Project Risks City Staff, Core Team Staff $3,360.00 Isolate vital business amenities Nathaniel                               $300.00 Checking the drainage system is working City Staff, Core Team Staff     $0.00 Close manually functioned drainage valves to limit backflow                                                    $100.00 Closing volatile and flammable gas functions                                                  $200.00 Reposition vital machines and appliances to secure areas Nathaniel                             $350.00 Secure portable volatile and flammable as a well as machinery materials that are immobile Nathaniel                              $300.00 Making sure that back-up generator is well fuelled Nathaniel                                     $0.00 Securing tanks and cylinders susceptible to floatation Jill                                               $300.00 Fill sandbags and install flood protection amenities relevant to safeguard business. Jill                                             $250.00 Contact and placement of repair and replacement contractors                                                    $600.00 Contact police to assess security breach and offer security Core Team Staff                     $400.00 Contact insurance company and broker to inform them on the conditions.                                                    $400.00 1.4.2      Rank Threats (Likelihood/Impact) Jill $640.00 1.4.3      RISK ANALYSIS MILESTONE $0.00 1.5    Project Plan Development $18,560.00 1.5.1      Drafting of Project Plan Core Team Staff $16,800.00 1.5.2      Plan Evaluation/Recommendations Jill,Nathaniel $1,440.00 1.5.3      Project Plan Submission Jill $320.00 1.5.4      Project Plan Approval City Staff $0.00 1.5.5      PROJECT PLAN MILESTONE $0.00 1.6    Execution $1,258,060.00 1.6.1      Procure Vehicle Truck[1 Unit] $500,000.00 1.6.2      Procure Support Equipment Nathaniel $800.00 1.6.3      Procure Power Backup Equipment Nathaniel $800.00 1.6.4      Truck Layout With Vendor Alecian $960.00 1.6.5      Truck Build-out by Vendor $755,500.00          Build-out of Truck Interior Vendor $19,200.00          Signoff of Interior Build-out City Staff,Nathaniel $800.00          Power Backup Install Install Equipment[1 Group],Computer Power Backup[1 Unit],Generator[1 Unit] $30,500.00          Medical Equipment Install Install Medical[1 Group],Digital Computer Aided Detection[1 Unit],Mammography[1 Unit],X-Ray[1 Unit] $705,000.00          BUILD-OUT MILESTONE $0.00 1.7    Testing $6,160.00 1.7.1      Power Back-up Testing Nathaniel,Vendor $2,080.00 1.7.2      Testing of Medical Equipment Nathaniel,Vendor,Alecian $4,080.00 1.7.3      TESTING MILESTONE $0.00 1.8    Approvals $130,680.00 1.8.1      Permits $9,720.00          City Lydia $640.00          County Lydia $640.00          State $1,840.00            CDL City Staff,Lydia,Permit & Licenses[$200.00] $520.00            DOT Lydia,Permit & Licenses[$1,000.00] $1,320.00          Federal $6,600.00            EPA Lydia,Permit & Licenses[$3,400.00] $6,600.00 1.8.2      Insurance $120,960.00          Vehicle Lydia,Insurances[$20,000.00] $20,320.00          Malpractice Lydia,Insurances[$100,000.00] $100,640.00 1.9    Marketing $202,560.00 1.9.1      Direct Mail City Staff,Marketing[$15,000.00] $15,000.00 1.9.2      Radio Ads Monica,Marketing[$35,000.00] $35,640.00 1.9.3      Billboard/Signage Marketing[$80,000.00],Monica $80,640.00 1.9.4      Television Ads Monica,Marketing[$35,000.00] $35,640.00 1.9.5      Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) Marketing[$35,000.00],Monica $35,640.00 1.10    Training of Staff $10,000.00 1.10.1      Medical Support Training Training[$8,000.00] $8,000.00 1.10.2      CDL Training Training[$2,000.00] $2,000.00 1.10.3      TRAINING MILESTONE $0.00 1.11    Operational Budget $1,576,000.00 1.11.1      Start-up First Year Doctors,Mammography Technologist,MRI Technician,Nurses,R & P[$10,000.00],Radiologist,Inventory Supplies[0] $676,000.00 1.11.2      Second Year Operation Budget[$900,000.00] $900,000.00 1.12    Final Walkthrough $400.00 1.12.1      Signoff of Project by the City City Staff,Nathaniel $400.00 2 Grand Opening City Staff,Core Team Staff $1,680.00


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