Response to Emil Summers

Response to Emil Summers

Project instructions:
According to dietician and writer Emil Summers, the American diet is succumbing to the ease of fast food. Furthermore, Summers blames all of the ills ? from diabetes to

hypertension ? on this diet and claims that the fast food industry is responsible for making people fat and unhealthy. Emil Summers is a fictitious author. This was

done by the professor of this course intentionally.
Summers asserts:
?There is no program in the world that will help people to manage their weight and stay healthy as long as the fast food industry is able to run amok in this country.

People?s waistlines are influenced by advertisements, cheap prices and convenience afforded by fast food. Until the fast food industry is held responsible and lets

consumers know exactly how dangerous its products are, the American public will continue to get fatter and more unhealthy.?
In In a four-page paper, respond to Summers? claim. Do you agree or disagree? The answer to that will be your thesis statement. Do not use ?I? or ?we.?
Use textual support in support of your claims. You do not have to use the opposing argument in this paper, but you can if you want. Read carefully what Summer?s claims

are ? make sure you are disagreeing or agreeing with what?s there ? not what you think is there. Make use of articles ? add points to consider ? Michelle Obama?s speech,

the ?Western? diet article and why it?s bad for us?.
Remember that you can take the argument outside of the perimeters of what Summers says, but make sure that it is organized. Making an outline will help. Think about

your position, the support, and the points that you want to make. Your paper must be in MLA format and four pages. It must have a works cited page. (The works cited

page does NOT count as one of your four pages.)