Research paper on Caring for community Population childhood Obesity.

I need to do an observation around a neighborhood I live in brooklyn NY, choose childhood obesity a focus point from healthy people 2020.
This first paper focuses on community assessment and diagnosis. Here are some tips
-Have a proper introduction to the paper. What is the purpose and what will be discussed?
-Clearly identify the target community
-Demographic and Epidemiological data: Compile a range of demographic and epidemiological data for your community by examining census reports, vital statistic reports, city records, and other agency sources. Using this data, describe your community and the problem. Compare your community data to state or national data.
-Complete and summarize your windshield survey. What did you see? Health centers? Homeless? Grocery stores or convenience stores? Kids playing? Graffiti? Etc. How does your observation relate to the identified problem?
-Problem: Using the assessment data, identify the problem that you consider to be a priority concern. Provide rational for your choice and relate your choice to one of the Healthy People objectives. You also need to have data that validates this. I.e.-don’t just choose obesity because it is a Healthy People objective-is it a problem in your community? You want to have data (statistics, objective findings, etc.) that supports this as a problem specific to your community.
-Historical Significance: Address the historical significance of the problem. Consider the trends in the problem over time and any significant events that may have had an impact on the problem.
-Summary: The summary paragraph of your paper should include a statement about the problem, the population at risk for this problem and the major direct or indirect factors that contribute to this problem.