Research and Social Justice Awareness Project Custom Essay

An Evaluation of Homelessness in Canada Name: Institution: Research and Social Justice Awareness Project: An Evaluation of Homelessness in Canada Introduction Maxwell (2006) describes social justice as the provision of humane care as well as social support to members of a society who are disadvantaged in one way or another. The general idea guiding Social Justice revolves around aspects of human rights concerning access to resources and circumstances that facilitate group or individual empowerment for purposes of facilitating the development of their potential. All people deserve to enjoy stable social environments as they engage in personal and or professional activities. They have the right not to be hindered from achieving their capacity and potential for leading their lives with respect and dignity. Even so, this calls for a level of planned public development that is mostly a function of the government. In general, social systems ought to eradicate elements of disparity, exploitation and suppression, and in turn guarantee protection to disadvantaged groups.