Recording labels & Music Marketing

Recording labels & Music Marketing
Take a record label that has been commercially active at some point since 2000 and critically analyse its cultural and commercial position in the music industry. Identify what its main revenue generating assets are and how they can be best utilised. Critically reflect on the structure of the label and make some strategic recommendations for it’s likely future.

Chosen Record Label: All Around The World (

what label?
year 2000 – present
business since 2000 (preferably currently active)
if history, cover it but focus on contemporary time
analyse label operations
Harvard ref way of quoting from interviews****

2) cultural and commercial (theory of record label)- Jean baudrillard Quotes.
cultural – what is music, genre? multi-genre?
artist style
Patrick Wikstrum, 1st page.
mixtapes/ – became street albums, 50 cent (Or Any Other Artist That Can Be A Good Example),
street promo, freestyles, diss-tracks, pirate radio ect.
radio routes changes over the years, heat fm, dejavu fm rinse fm to bbc 1xtra
music house pressing plant to major/indie distribution
ethos of indie and major labels culturally

market share of audience?
3 tiers of market from theory modules
label position, rivals, turn over, influence
ethos of indie and major labels commercially
analyse genres, who are key people/artist new waves, ect.

3) main revenue
asset vs liabilities money in, money out
made at a lost to boost urban appeal
commercial success based off underground success
IP: catalogue and current acts where the money is?
compare against label who has opposite.
LOGO – IP? Branding, Tshirts, Tours, Brand affiliations
patrick wikstrum – value of ip?
Label branding…

4) structure and recommendations for future
pat wikstrum – chp 2. diagrams of label structures
hierarchy – pyramid – many layer of chains of command
flat structures – find quotes of different record structured.
critically reflect on structure.
vertical / horizontal integration?
conversion integration – two company merge to make whole new company.
horizontal, same kind, same business, same level
record label buying different kind of company – buying clothing,
different line of production?

make suggestions on likely future