Query enhancement and query recommendations

Query enhancement and query recommendations

Project description
please write a term paper using the ACM publication templates.

And please follow the instruction and use the papers indicated for that.

This paper should have :


The abstract should be one or two paragraphs that summarize your paper. Abstracts are read independently from the rest of the paper so you cannot cite any other paper here


Describe the session topic area and present an overview of the papers.
(The session is the Information retrieval short paper session From the CIKM Conference you can find it by this link http://www.informatik.uni-trier.de/ley/db/conf/cikm/cikm2012.html )

provide the roadmap for the remaining sections of the paper. For example, you can state that Section 2 presents common themes in the papers being surveyed and section 3 presents themes where the papers disagree.

2- Common themes:

Describe what is common about the problem or solution approaches in the selected papers.
3- Discordant themes:

describe the issues that the papers disagree about.

4- Non-overlappingconcepts.

describe issues that the papers deal with that are neither common nor disagreements.


Summarize your conclusions.

Describe what you think about these selected papers based on your understanding. You should include what you liked and did not like about the technical content, style of writing, and so on.

5.1 Tables, Figures, and Citations/References

Tables, figures, and citations/references in technical docu- ments need to be presented correctly.

1- note that figures in the term paper must be original, that is, created by the student: please do not cut-and-paste figures from the papers you are reading.

2- citing documents needs to be done properly too.