Quality control in manufacturing firms

Write about quality control of manufacturing paper of 3 companies like toilet paper, kraft paper, and box paper. And compare between each of them and also write the similar and difference between them……….


In Venkraft paper Mills ltd quality control and assurance department ensures that all entire manufacturing plant fully complies with laid down quality control standards and procedures. The company organizes regular in-plant trainings and internal audits to guarantee quality products, (Venkraft paper Mills, 1999). Quality testing equipments are used to ensure that it produces quality Kraft paper to cater for the needs of their customers.

Scott Paper Company manufactures quality toilet paper for its customers. The company maintains its own trees and chemical used in the pulping are carefully tested and monitored. The slurry temperature is regulated to required level, by checking gauges, machinery and processes of slurry cooking. Completed papers are tested for variety of qualities such as stretch, color, opacity, smoothness and moisture content, (Quality assurance and quality Control, n.d).

Braxton manufacturing is a box manufacturing firm. They have a team of experienced quality inspectors together with precision inspection equipment which measures all dimensional requirements. An up to date statistical data collection system used to monitor and maintain control of quality and help in problem solving.

Similarities in quality control

In all companies, raw and packaging materials are verified on receipt, sampled at random and subjected to quality tests. Testing results determines if the materials are approved for use or rejected and returned to the supplier.

Finished products are inspected, where samples from completed batch of finished goods are tested to determine their quality. The results approve the goods or reject the goods for reprocessing or destruction. All companies have quality control equipments which assist in measuring all quality aspects in production.

Differences in quality procedures

Regular in-plant trainings on quality control is emphasized and used in the Venkraft paper Mills unlike in the other two companies. In Braxton and Venkraft paper mills they a team of quality inspectors in place. In Braxton, a data collection system is used to monitor quality of goods unlike the other two firms. Scott paper maintains its own raw materials to ensure quality products for its customers.


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