Project Risk, Quality, and Procurement Monitoring and Controlling

Review the following article:

Zwikael, O., & Globerson, S. (2004). Evaluating the quality of project planning: a model and field results. International Journal of Production Research. 42 (8), 1545–1556.

Address the following topic:

Faulty planning will result in project failure, whereas high-quality project planning increases the project’s chances of success. This paper reports on the successful development and implementation of a model aimed at evaluating the quality of project planning. Based on your reading of the paper, what do you see as the most important aspect of quality planning that needs to be communicated in the project quality management plan?

Be sure to write your initial post according to APA format using citations/examples to substantiate your position and give credit to your references at the bottom of your post. Be sure to synthesize your analysis of the reading as a conclusion and then evaluate your synthesis.

Remember that this is a discussion, so keep your responses succinct and to the point, but be sure to address each and every criterion in the grading rubric. Respond to at least three of your classmates.